Windows VISTA Compatibility of CLEARPROG

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Beitrag von Gast » 14.05.2007, 17:40

<font size=2>When are you done a Vista version of Clearprog ?<br><br>Best regards<br>Peter<br> </font>

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Beitrag von Armin » 14.05.2007, 21:51

<font size=2>Hi Peter<br><br>Sven is somewhat out on limb on this one:<br><br>Presently he has neither Vista nor a PC capable of running it. So all the<br>Vista work he can do right now is analyze the (hopefully) technically precise<br>error descriptions Vista users provide and then try to program around them.<br><br>You see, being a freeware programmer doesn't make you rich like the creators<br>of Vista :wink: <br><br>(Warning: incredibly blunt scrounge) If you really want to speed things up, <br>please send some decent machine with Vista Ultimate to Sven :mryellow: <br><br>Regards<br>Armin<br> </font>