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Beitrag von aja » 10.05.2006, 11:34

<font size=2>Hello guys and girls....<br><br>Is it possible with clearprog , to erase your name and password from forums (like this one)<br><br>so that nobody can see you was logged in ? ( I use Mozilla)<br><br>Thanks<br> <br> <br> </font><br><font size=1><i>bearbeitet von <a href="/action=profile&id=254"> aja</a> am 10.05.2006 11:53</i><br></font>

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Beitrag von Armin » 10.05.2006, 21:03

<font size=2>Hi,<br><br>do you want ClearProg to delete the stored Mozilla username and password information<br>for certain websites?<br><br>If this is what you want you're not going to like this: There has been much controversy<br>here about ClearProg removing stored Mozilla passwords.<br>However, we have decided against this feature mainly for safety reasons. <br>We strongly feel, that ClearProg and its Plugins should be as safe as possible.<br><b>ClearProg is designed not to destroy valuable information by default</b>.<br><br>Just think about users experimenting with ClearProg and doing so, inadvertently<br>destroying all their stored username and password information!<br><br>Back to your question: Mozilla Firefox (1.5+) offers very good control about what<br>information to store. If you are concerned about stored passwords, you can switch<br>off the remembering completely.<br>Moreover, pressing Ctrl-Shift-Del in Firefox (1.5+) pops up a (configurable) "sanitize<br>screen" where you can delete all or selected private information with one mouse click.<br><br>Regards Armin<br><br> </font>

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Beitrag von Chris » 11.05.2006, 16:47

<font size=2>I guess the problem to integrate an option to delete stored passwords in ClearProg is the unexperienced user.<br><br>A lot of users just check all options in ClearProg, then they would be surprised, why their saved passwords are away.<br><br>The best solution would be a plug-in for experienced users, but with the current plug-in API it is not possible to create such a plug-in.<br><br>Nevertheless, you can use the build-in option in Firefox, as Armin already said. You can tweak the sanitize option in Firefox, so that all data will be cleared when you close the browser.<br> <br> </font><br><font size=1><i>bearbeitet von <a href="/action=profile&id=15"> Chris</a> am 11.05.2006 16:50</i><br></font><br><hr size="1" color=#0066FF width=150 align=left><font size=2>Chris<br></font><br>

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Beitrag von aja » 11.05.2006, 21:56

<font size=2>:) Yes guys...i think u are right.....<br><br>The only thing i have to do is indeed switch the remembering off... <br><br>And it is working !!<br><br>Thanks for the help<br><br><br><br> :) <br> </font>