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Russian lang

Beitrag von Linco » 10.12.2008, 14:16

How about Russian lang in your program? As I see in forum, you have russian translation file.
And Its one problem with russian symbols in clearprogplugins.ini: symbols must be in dos codepage.

Sven H
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Beitrag von Sven H » 10.12.2008, 21:16

oh sorry, i had totaly forgotten the russian language file.
in the next version i will include this file.

But i can't understand, what you mean with the symbols in the Pluginfile.

Greets Sven

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Beitrag von Armin » 10.12.2008, 23:16

I think Linco is talking about the character representation (which differs from country to country according to the selected code page).

Linco: Could you please specify, which code page you are talking about with "dos codepage"? Is this code page 850 or had you something cyrillic in mind like 866?


Beitrag von Gast » 12.12.2008, 08:21

Ok, thanks for answer. Default codepage in windows for cyrillic symbols - Win1251.
But your program, for some reason, read cyrillic symbols in DOS 866 codepage. Do not convenient to make changes to the file.